Sunday, February 24, 2013

Music Junkie Monday

I openly broadcast that I am the 'music junkie' among my friends (which went from a joke to a nick name overnight!). And over the years have built up an extensive music library. So to make it do a bit of work back for me,
I'm going to post a song every Monday!
But before we get started, there's something you should know.... I love getting to know people, I really do, but the question I despise most in this process is 'what's your favorite song?' Even if I wanted to, I couldn't answer this! It's seriously as impossible as asking my pug, Chubby, if he likes eating over sleeping. No way one is better than the other - especially since they're so different!
"You seriously cannot expect me to answer that!"
So I figured that I'm just going to post music with high number of plays / current favorites / have some sort of meaning behind them.
Without further ado, I'm kickstarting this Monday with one of my most listened to songs - Hundred K by Left Boy.
I'm kind of an advocate for the Left Boy cause. I have all of his songs, know all of the lyrics, and follow basically all of his social networking profiles. Stalker? Nah, just a dedicated fan ;) (that's what I tell myself anyway!)

I know this song was made more of a joke than anything but I honestly couldn't help but get hooked on its hype. Hope this pumps you up too and gets rid of those Monday blues!

*Note: I'm one day ahead of most countries so my Mondays are (depending on where you are) your Sundays! So make sure you check in here a day early so you can set up your computer for your Monday morning :)

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