Monday, February 25, 2013

SoHo Shoot

The thing about not editing your own photos is not knowing when you'll get to see them.
I did a shoot the other day with my two favorite photographers at [unknown] photography, Sophia and Toby, who have been absolutely wonderful with filling me in on how the pictures are looking.
So it was only natural for me to squirm with joy when Sophia sent me some quick snaps of some shots from the shoot to me today.
Like any photo taken of a computer screen, the picture quality doesn't look all that great. But I can assure you, the way they looked on the camera when we were shooting looked like they had already been edited to perfection! I will most definitely do a post of the finished products...but I just couldn't wait to share these.

If you're looking for incredible photographers in Hong Kong, [unknown] photography comes highly recommended. They're always snappy with their editing and have gotten photographing down to a science - two people, two cameras, and (sometimes) one subject. It's the scientific method of success! You can find their page here. And even if you're not looking for photographers, I suggest you head over there anyway to take a peek at their work!

*Latest edition and personal favorite:

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