Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recent Obsession - Disposable Kodak Cameras

Being a hipster of the 21st century, I'm always looking for fun / vintage / uncanny ways to do things that would normally be done in the most convenient fashion. In this case, taking pictures with a disposable Kodak camera versus an iPhone or DSLR.
I just can't help but give myself a hug when I whip out my DKC to snap a photo of friends and our adventures. It only feels natural to act as weird and touristy as possible.
One time, I let my little hipster self out to play by wearing my 'I <3 HK' t-shirt, black skinnies, Converse top siders, and jean jacket topped off with a beanie, and the minute I took out my DKC, the 'you look like SUCH a tourist' jokes and comments came at me head on. Old habits die hard right?
I really love this little camera though. There's something so exciting about not knowing what the photos look like when you take them and then getting the developed film back and seeing how well they turned out!
 Another thing I love about getting my film developed is that I can look at the first picture (that is usually from a few weeks back) and say, 'Oh I remember that!'

 Plus, you've got to admit, the unintentional filter it puts on each photo is so authentic (obviously) and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside like small rabbits playing on clouds of white cotton. I mean c'mon, why wouldn't you want to feel that?

Not to mention that taking these photos makes me love the people in them that much more. Pictures preserve moments in time like an insect in sap. That current circumstance, those current feelings, and those current times are perfectly captured and allow us to look back at them and remember the good/bad/happy/sad times which makes us grateful for where we have come from, where we are now, and where we see ourselves going in the future.

The biggest bummer about these cameras, though, is that you only find out if there wasn't enough light in a shot one the roll is developed. I just got one back and I was incredibly disappointed to find that over 1/2 my photos weren't any good (pictured below).
As they say, nothing is ever as good as it seems! Nevertheless, it's a great way to add a bit of variety to you high definition photo albums!


  1. love disposables!

    1. i also love instant cameras! they're really popular here but the film is so expensive so I just bum them off of friends! ;)