Friday, February 1, 2013

That Time of Year Again

Well, the summer is approaching yet again! OK, I admit I might be jumping the gun by saying that in February, but I'm so excited for what it has in store so I just can't help myself!
This year, I'm graduating high school and am off to college in September. Crazy how time flies huh? I've been dreaming of this year since I hit middle school. Seriously. This is going to be one of the best years of my life and will (hopefully) change the world as I know it.
But until I embark on the journey of packing all of my things into 20kg boxes, buying string lights, and boxes of pasta, I have the summer to plan and enjoy!

So what's on the menu? How does coffee with a French baguette and jam for breakfast in Paris, fish and chips in London for lunch, and paella with a side of Spanish men in Barcelona for dinner sound to you? Well, that's what's on my plate for the month of August! What would being a senior in high school be like without a killer graduation trip like this?! I feel that a trip to the lands of beautiful people, spectacular sights, and kill-worthy food is only necessary to pay for all of the hardships endured over the past, say, 15 years of school.

No post about such amazing places, however, would be complete with the stereotypical tourist photos, so lo and behold my trip itinerary complete with pictures:
  1. Day 2 (unfortunately, flying eats up Day 1)
    1. Walking tour
    2. Pub welcome dinner
  2. Day 3
    1. Tour London via a local guide 
    2. Free time (take a walk down Abby Road / bargain hunt in Covent Garden / gawk at the crown jewels at the Tower of London / ponder life and all things artistic at Tate Modern museum)
  3. Day 4
    1. Be in awe at how incredible human beings are by visiting Stonehenge and Bath
    2. Free time to roam around at night (SoHo - often my favorite area of a city *cough cough Soho in NYC and HK in particular* / laugh at - I mean with - British comedians at the Comedy Store / hit up Fabric / indulge my eager ears at Shepherd's Bush Empire)
  4. Day 5 - Paris
    1. Eurostar train to wiwi Paris!
    2. In which we have free time to roam around the streets of all things fabulous at night (like Moulin Rouge / hit up those French boys at the Buddha Bar / indulge in a sea of wine and cheese on the Seine)
  5. Day 6
    1. Local guide takes us on a foot tour
    2. Take a quick trip over to Versailles 
  6. Day 7
    1. More walking tours
    2. Go to le Louvre Museum
    3. Notre Dame Cathedral
    4. Evening Seine cruise and picturesque view of the Eiffel Tower
  7. Day 8
    1. Free time to buzz around and uncover the tiny jems of cafes, bistros, and boutiques during the day
    2. Until we board the train and head off to the city of gorgeous men, language of love, and food of my people
  8. Day 9 - Barcelona
    1. 1. You guessed it - a walking tour of Espana!
    2. Followed by free time (explore The Born area / fall in love in the Barri Gotic / listen to music at the Luz de Gas)
  1. Day 10
    1. My feet will be loving me lots at this point where we embark on yet another walking tour by a local guide (although the view will override any hard feeling I have - I'm sure of it!)
    2. Parque Guelli designed by one of my favorite artists, Gaudi
  2. Day 11
    1. Free time
    2. Farewell drink
  3. Day 12
    1. Back home to California to spend time with my family before hitting the road to Northeastern!
I don't know about you, but this is pretty close to a dream trip. My wanderlust has absolutely gotten the best of me and I couldn't be happier to be lost in this realm of possibilities and adventure!

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