Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Make Room for Burgeroom

There are certain circumstances when acting like a total man is 100% acceptable if not required for a woman: working out and eating proper man food.
I'm talking ribs, sloppy joes, and of course burgers.
Being the burger enthusiast that I am, I go big (and never go home) when it comes to eating these stacks of mouthwatering goodness. The minute said plate of heaven is placed in front of me, the thought of using a napkin or other cleaning device becomes completely irrelevant. What good would man food be if you looked like a lady eating it? I mean, c'mon there's no fun in that...
So the other day, Liam and I set out on a mission to find a new burger joint we could call 'ours' and came across this jem: Bugeroom.

 Nestled in the depths of Causeway Bay sits this restaurant that serves up gourmet (and cheap!) burgers to suit any fan. More of a chicken burger kinda gal? No problem. They've got that. Going for something a little more off the rocks? Go for a fish burger with a fried egg on top. Let your heart, imagination, and stomach go wild.
Deciding that our appetites were big enough to demolish a small supermarket, we settled on two different burgers with a side of curly cheese fries.
Being a bit daring I went for the Chili Beef Burger where red faces and watering eyes were just part of the experience. 

 One that I hardly regret!

 Liam chose to balance our beef binge with a Chicken Bacon Burger that blew me away.

I'd like to think that I cook a meanly tender chicken but mine didn't even TOUCH this chicken burger. Burgeroom, please, let me in on your secret ways of deliciousness.
Delivered last (oddly) which made it seem like deathwish after eating those massive burgers, the curly cheese fries came completely smothered in 'nacho' cheese which we paired with the classic dressing of ketchup (on the side of course!).

Nom nom nom..
If you want to get your hands on one of these bad boys, their information is here.
But please, on behalf of man food, leave your napkins and femininity at the door.

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  1. Can't wait to be a "real man" and have one of each anytime SOON!!!!!