Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Tale of Sun, Seafood, and Sailors

When the sun is out in Hong Kong, it calls for one thing: outdoor activities. 
Living in a tropical region where the weather is as crazy and unreliable as Lindsey Lohan, you have to make the most of the sun when it does come out to play.
As Monday's sunshine rolled around, Liam, Sash and I decided to spend some time at sea on Sash's sailboat.

 Scrumpy, our vessel for the day, in all her glory.

We set sail around 11 and it wasn't long before we couldn't resist jumping into the seemingly cold water.
Which actually turned out to be the temperature of bath water! It was unbelievably warm BUT surprisingly refreshing at the same time.

After tuning in to our inner fishes, we beached back onto the boat, soaked up the summer heat and made our way (slowly but surely) to the seafood restaurant.

 But the boys couldn't help but play Greek Gods along the way...

 Mighty impressive if I may say so myself.
But let's be real, my guns are way bigger than Sasha's
A sail arounds the waters lead us to our lunch destination secretly tucked away for only sailers to enjoy.

 Fried squid
 Sweat and sour pork
 Cashew fried rice
 And deliciously grilled prawns

 All finished off with a bit o' ice cream
With our bellies full to the brim, we jumped back onboard and made our way back to Sai Kung shores.

Back home, we reflected on our deliciously warm, sunny day and optimistically dreamed of the next time we'll set sail across HK waters.

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  1. Yum the food looks delicious, looks like you had a fun day!