Monday, July 1, 2013

Koh Samui, Thailand; A Daydream Turned Reality {part two}

I seriously wish I could write a post on every day we spent in Kohsa because every day was special in its own way. But let's be realistic, no one really enjoys a complete break down of someone elses' vacation. I mean, how many times have you been in a scenario when someone's telling you their day-by-day agenda and by about 2:30pm in their story, you're half asleep? Probably more than a handful..
...unless your friend is James Bond.
Then I'm sure you wouldn't want him to shut up.
But fortunately for your eyes, watch and designated amount of reading patience, I have merged days 2-8 all together and wrapped it in a little bow for this post.
Although every day was unique, they were (for the most part) pretty much the same. We got into a sort of groove after the first 3 days and we just went with the flow.
Each day usually went a lil' somthin' like this...
9:30AM - Wake up and gorge on the included buffet breakfast at the hotel.
10:30AM - Either (A) fall back asleep until 12PM/1PM or (B) tie on our bikinis and head to the beach.
Where the drinking would commence almost immediately.
Chilling on beanbags under the Thai sun in front of your own stretch of sand with the best mojito in one hand and the best strawberry daiquiri in the other really was like living a tropical dream. 
But don't let me lead you wrong, our alcoholic tendencies were no match to the unbelievable stretch of beach that lay before us which (was almost completely ours)!
Sober. Our bar, our haven, our home away from home away from home.
Although we saw ourselves as the sun goddesses of those sands, we did make plenty of new friends along the way.
Like these three Italian mobsters for instance...
...and our Kohsa pet Jimbo...
....and many a friendly salesmen
with many a friendly goods to sell!
But when 3PM/4PM rolled around, our stomachs were yearning for food.
Our usual go-to meal was pad thai (when in Rome, do like the Romans) or other Thai dishes at local 40 baht restaurants. 
Or we'd spoil ourselves with some Western food.
But on our last beach day, we decided to grab one of our favorite home-cooked "meals" (which was also one of the beach's specialties): grilled corn on the cob.

And after going to the hotel room and crashing after happy hour from 7PM-11:30PM, we'd get up, get ready, and go out on the town.
   Where crazy face paint was always in order.
4AM - Go home. crash. wake up. repeat.
To say that the meat of this trip was way more juicy than I could have ever imagined would be the  understatement of the year. There were surprises around every corner and everything expected was happily shown up. I have never experienced something so unique and it's hard to imagine there's any place else quite like Koh Samui.
Apart from coming out of it with a tan, thousands more freckles sun bleached hair and unforgettable memories, we walk away with friendships that will last a lifetime.
And some killer henna tattoos

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