Sunday, July 14, 2013

Koh Samui Kooler

While I feel many of us have moved on from the Kohsa Blues (mainly because thinking about our perfect holiday will only bring more blues rather than bring back the trip), but one thing remains on my mind...the fruit!
So fresh.
So sweet.
So plentiful.
And so cheap!
So in the spirit of summer, nostalgia, and a thirst for something downright tasty, I whipped a fruity smoothie...
Behold the Kohsa Cooler. Full of mango and papaya goodness!
What you'll need:
1 papaya
1 mango
1 generous splash of milk (of your choosing but I used skimmed milk for mine)
1 drizzle of honey

As simple as that.
First off, you want to cut off the bottom of your papaya.
 And very carefully 'slice' off its skin.
 Cut it open,
 and deseed using a little toothed spoon!
Cut into strips then chunks and throw into the mixer.
 Next up is the mango where the above steps are repeated.
 In the mixer they go
 Add the dash of milk
 And swirl of honey
And whiz up!
 Then after a few torturous seconds, your refreshing glass of Thailand is ready to be sipped (or gulped in my case)!
 Mmmm, nothing like a fruit smoothie to ease an aching soul.

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