Monday, December 30, 2013

Locals Only // NewYorkCity

One of the many well known things about this city is its obscene amount of things to do. 
"Bored" is not a word in a New Yorker's vocabulary.
Adopting this local mindset, we took off in Greenwich Village on the Lower West Side in search of a classic underground Jazz Club.
Not long after searching did we find idea of a blues heaven.

And there's only one way of knowing you've gone to the right jazz club....a hipster with a turtleneck sweater and a glass of wine.
Mission Jazz Club: success.
The next thing on our hit list was hands down to find $1 pizza slice. So with a little more meandering we stumbled upon the perfect place to fuel up.

With pizza in hand we went over to NYU territory to meet up with one of my old friends from school for drinks and dinner round two.

We woke up the next day feeling rejuvenated by the crisp air blowing through our window and the momentary rays of sunshine. So - wide awake - we threw on our close and trekked up to the Upper West Side near Columbia U for brunch.
But not just any brunch...
A Seinfeld brunch.

Complete with memorabilia from the show, we sat down and made some cut-throat decisions as to what we were going to order.
We first decided on bottomless coffee.

And then on a spinach & feta omelette with sweet potato fries and the renowned NYC reuben sandwich.

Having hit the spot, we moved on to our next venture in Manhattan: the Natural History Museum.

Dinos, fossils and Dum Dum, oh my!
As the museum kicked us out, we popped out onto the street and took a stroll before running into one of my favorite pastries in New York.
The Black&White cookie.
But it's not just any cookie. It's more like a fluffy cake artistically painted half white-chocolate-white and dark-chocolate-brown to come together to form the ideal bite of bakery heaven.

Once Isabelle was introduced to this delicacy, we meet up with another good friend on mine for drinks and the most magnificent piece of food my tongue has ever tasted.
Now, some of you might think that is absolutely, 100%, positively repulsive, but let me assure you you will never have tasted something so beautifully created in your whole life.

I might be living this pizza up just a bit but I am recalling the experience now and it seems more than accurate.

Bless you, Jonny, for introducing us to such a mind-blowing meal.

It was so good that I even risk putting this photo of me up; complete with pizza cheesy goodness on my nose.
Worth looking like a slob?
No question about it.

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