Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Gems We Found // NewYorkCity

The funny thing about this post series on the city is that it has taken me forever to write.
I'm not sure why exactly, but my gut feeling is that so much happened in this week that I have no clue how I am supposed to put everything into words. I've been looking for the right opportunity to put it all on 'paper', but it took me until right now to realize that if you're always waiting for a perfect moment, a million will pass you by.
So let's begin.
We giddily stumbled off of the train around 6pm Saturday and literally could not do anything else but stare at each other and beam like brace-faced tween idiots who just saw Justin Bieber. We were so overwhelmed by even the smallest things - the smell of Penn Station (which is one to remember, I'll tell you that), the grungy colors and the thousands of people from every-which-where walking in one reckless wave.

It was like being drunk but sober - completely engulfed by everything. The people. The luggage. The clacking of cash registers. The clanking of trains. So, in order stop our heads from spinning off, we hunkered down and ate a slice of New York's prestigious pizzas (one of many to come). This did us in for a good while as we made our trek home to Brooklyn. 
All until we stepped foot outside of the subway, that is.

Oh sure, we knew there was a storm hitting the East Coast. But little did we think it would pose much of a challenge for us to get home......hah, were we wrong.

We had to sleigh our way through thick snow with massive suitcases trailing behind us but managed to miraculously conquered the elements. We made it across several dauntingly wide, slush-covered streets and hauled ass up several flights of stairs while horizontal bullets of snow were attempting to take our eyes out. Words cannot describe the feeling of accomplishment (and relief) of being inside the apartment we rented and sprawled across our respected beds. 

Samantha||Christine||Isabelle - 1 NYC - 0

What would a group of three adventurous girls do to celebrate such a victory? Go out, of course.
So we tediously put on our best to impress the city and dashed out of the house into Manhattan territory. 
We then settled into a crepe restaurant with the most lovely vibe, most lovely food and drink, and most lovely looking waiter to match (always a plus).
This was the point of no return, however. Several crepes and glasses of wine down, Kanye West and Drake came on and the party really got started. It wasn't long after that the three of us were finding our way home when all of a sudden, we found ourselves knee deep in a puddle of sewer slush.
Want to know something even more sad? This didn't happen just once. It happened twice.
Ahhh NY you dirty player, you. 

Samantha||Christine||Isabelle - 1 NYC - 1

Nevertheless, we woke up with huge, bright smiles on our faces the next day and headed to downtown Chinatown to grab some dim sum grub.

I had so much fun introducing my friends to such a big part of me. I used to go to dim sum every Sunday morning...and ordering all of my favorite dishes to share with them brought those old memories back to life.

Scarfing the day off to a brilliantly full start, we waddled our way to Brooklyn to hit up the renowned Brooklyn Flea Market. 
In which the walk required us to get bundled up.

Seriously, you can find the city's best gems in this market. Delectible s'mores? Done. 
Artisan burgers like the Ramen Burger? Oh darling, how could you expect anything less.
And jewels? Galore. 

Wearing ourselves out after hours of bargain hunting, we stumbled across this gem of a stand selling cinnamon buns with three different types of frosting - hazelnut, original, and maple bacon.
Do you even need to guess which ones we got?
Hazelnut and maple bacon all the way.

I'm telling ya, magic awaits around every corner in this city. And the next few legs of the trip prove that even more so!

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