Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hippies Run This Town

I've always been jealous of my grandparent's generation for having so many rich stories about flowers in the hair and love when Lex inboxed me about Hippie Chic night at the Museum of Fine Art here in Boston, there was no other response than 'Absolutely man'.
Decked to the nines with dreamy VW buses

 and artwork galore.

After our fair share of pictures, we jivved our way into the exhibition (yes, I'm cheesy and I accept it) to gawk at 70s Betsy Johnson dresses and the vintage juke box - my personal favorite.

We then got free gourmet gelato (always a bonus) and headed over to tie die our shirts with a tutorial from a TD artist.

 Such professionals.

Stoked on the night and the surprise waiting inside our goodie bags, we peaced out (hardy har har) and bumbled our college hippie selves back home.
Thank you MFA for a great night!

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