Sunday, September 8, 2013

Boston Calling {part one}

As you know, music is a part of my life that I treasure quite a lot! I'm always looking for concerts to go to, new bands to check out, and find different artists to expand my music library.
With that being said, if there's a music festival in town I'm almost 100% likely to go - Boston Calling being no different!
We started off by taking our first 'T' ride (the MTR/subway/underground train system/what have you) to Government Center. There's no other word to describe my reaction but 'buzzing'.
I don't know...the moment we sat down on the train, I just began realizing that I was finally going to BC with Rachel (one that we'd been planning since May), I am finally in university, and I'm finally in Boston. It was so much to take in and the only way I knew how to react to all my eureka moments was to grin like an idiot to myself on the T. I felt sorry for the to two poor freaked out older men sitting next to me but other than that I hadn't a care on my mind!

It's amazing how quickly we can accommodate to new situations and begin taking them for granted. I've been wanting to come out to Boston for school since I first came with my parents at the age of 6. And now, 12 years later, I'm here! It really is crazy.

So with my excitement overflowing out of my ears, we arrived at the festival and got settled to see one of my favorite bands - Local Natives.

As the daytime light faded into the blue of the night, we met up with friends then proceeded to kill time by forcing/making our way to the front of the stage to wait for the main act (and my even more favorite band), Vampire Weekend, to start.

I have a small obsession with the band's lead singer, Ezra Coen...his voice, his look, and his whole persona is just drool worthy. So please enjoy the view that we were able to enjoy with our own two eyes up close!

Day one of the festival was a success but I'm most looking forward to tomorrow's acts - Kendrik Lamar and Passion Pit we're comin' for ya.

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