Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fenway Lassy

When I reply to people that I enjoy watching sports, American in particular, they always ask me which teams I support and I always reply with the same answer.

Growing up with a die hard father who supports virtually every Bostonian team, it was inevitable that I would grow to love each one of them as well. The Red Sox baseball team being in the top 3.
I remember playing catch in the cul-de-sac outside my California home as a child with my dad and learning all the techniques from him. He taught me how to watch (and patiently finish watching) a baseball game. He taught me the lingo. And he taught me how to love the game (and the Red Sox).

So yesterday was a big night for my father and I...we went to Fenway park to watch the Sox go against the Detroit Tigers while sitting in some of the best seats in the house.
But we couldn't help but bump into our competition where we played it cool and captured a friendly handshake and best wishes for the best team to win.

Seated within air-kisses away from the players, we settled into our seats and snagged beer and a bag 'o peanuts (the perfect game combination).

Having the first day of university only hours away, pappa Shugs and I decided to do something we swore we'd never do in our lives...take a rickshaw.
For biker:
~ Great exercise
~ Decent pocket cash
For passengers:
~ Get to be 100% lazy
~ Feel the wind in your hair
For biker:
~ Exhausting pulling overweight lazy Americans (for the most part)
For passengers:
~ Feeling like overweight lazy Americans
Thus why we always swore against riding in them.
But getting enough rest for my 8am class was too important to let any more time slip between our we did it.
And it was loads of fun! Sure we felt like lazy slobs (especially after polishing off pad thai, beer, and a big bag of peanuts) but it was well worth it.


  1. How are you enjoying Boston? My home town is about 40 minutes away and I'll be visiting in a couple weeks. You'll have to keep us updated with what's going on in Beantown!

    1. I'm positively loving it! Feel free to write me and email or drop a comment on my Instagram when you're back in 'town' - then I can give you an in-depth update!
      Samantha xx