Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hong Kong Dog Rescue - Orientation

I love dogs. The way they wag their tails. They way they will give their whole heart to you after 5 minutes. The way that they can cheer you up with a passionate lick on the face. What's not to love?

I had two dogs back home, a schnauzer named Louise and a pug named Chubby. They were the best part of my day. It was priceless seeing them run out of the front door to greet me. I can picture it now, little fur-ball Louise would deer hop off of the porch and sprint to the car while Chubby rolled and jiggled his way over.
 How could you not love that face?
And just check out those eyebrows, they could catch a stiff wind! My little rascal..

Living in Hong Kong is a bit like living in a beehive. There are lots of people, lots of noise, and very, very little space. But I must say I do love it (my apartment especially) because it's cozy and fits the 3 of us perfectly. Unfortunately, our shoe box apartment only suits us 3 humans so we don't have any dogs.

Feeling deprived of my canine friends, I have started volunteering at Hong Kong Dog Rescue. Yesterday was orientation day and I was over-joyed with the amount of dogs I would be taking care of.

*Excuse the blurriness for these dogs were running around like they were trying to find a buried treasure of dog treats.

I named this babe Kathy Griffin
 My pal, Peter. 
 Peter and I on a stroll around the ol' block.
My little munchkin who had just been brought into the shelter a few days ago. I named here Janet Jackson.

All in all a very fun day with the dogs!
Love always,

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