Sunday, June 17, 2012

Group 4 Project - Bamboo

In the International Baccalaureate Diploma (a student suicide mission), we have something called the Group 4 Project. It's basically when all of the different Group 4 classes (the sciences) come together and work on a project together. We are given a material and told to run along and create something great....yeah, tons of fun right? Never the less, my group (G8) made sure we'd have fun over the course of this two day bonanza.

The material that we were given was Bamboo. We were able to choose from several different types (live, dead, fabric, and edible bamboo) to use in our project. To push us that much farther, they didn't allow us to use anything else in our projects (meaning no tape, no string, nada). Through brainstorming with the creative minds of the IB and BTEC students, we settled on designing a 'high end' (term used QUITE loosely) sushi set.

(left) Our cup and coaster.
(background) Our candle holders.
Close up with our cup & coaster set.
Instagramed image of one of the place sets.
Our table on presentation day, complete with sushi, veg, and rice.
And to set the ambiance, we lit the candles to introduce a bit of elegance (ha).

Our darling little sushi set came complete with:
  • 2 sushi bowls
  • 2 placemats (held together with bamboo fabric)
  • 2 cups and their coasters
  • 2 chopstick sets
  • 2 chopstick holders
  • 4 candle holders
Pretty neat huh? I love creating something out of nothing and from all the positive feedback, I think we exceeded our expectations.

Love always,

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