Thursday, August 22, 2013


Before leaving HK, there was one final brunch destination I had to take Liam to - The Brunch Club & Supper in Causeway Bay.

It's a quirky little upstairs restaurant decked to the 9s with shabby chic decor and mouthwatering aromas of baked breads and egg dishes galore.

Having eaten here before (and having an immense love for them), I ordered the eggs benedict with spinach.
And convinced Liam to get the same - but with beefy bacon instead of skinny girl greens.
They're accompanied by side kicks of salad and hasbrowns to lead to a dynamic team of deliciousness.
It's a wonderful place to have an intimate meal with a friend or two or a cozy hide-away to take yourself on a TLC date to read, drink coffee, and watch the world go by!
They have an interesting way of running their business though...they don't serve brunch on the weekends *gasp* so be sure you make plans ahead of time if you're hoping to get your hands on some benedict or any other options off their breakfalunch menu.
Definitely worth popping in to and definitely a place to keep under your belt if you ever need some place to get away (other than Starbucks) or want/need/being forced to treat someone to brunch because it's pretty affordable! Check out their information here.


  1. Hey, I just started reading your blog, I was born in Hong Kong and I'm thinking of doing my post graduate degree there to see if I get flashbacks of my childhood. I love the way you write about food, and you made my mouth water with the pictures in this post.
    I just wanted to say that I hope you keep on blogging even when you're at uni!

    1. Thanks for the comment Diana! So nice connecting with fellow bloggers and getting positive reinforcement from readers!
      Samantha xx