Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh yeah, it's Mama's Day

Although I beg to differ that Mother's day is only one day a year and more like every day, Mother's Day is always a lovely way to enjoy (usually) great weather while smothering (see what I did there?) mum with hugs, kisses, and full on love via breakfast in bed, bouquets of flowers and all the activities she enjoys.
This Mother's Day, however, was spent in the company of my boyfriend's family at dim sum. It was such a lovely change from the Mother's Days in the past but still filled with giggles, stories, and love.

The one unfortunate thing about the day was the picture above. Unfortunately, it was the only picture we took (I really need to start remembering to take more pictures!) and it's not even representative of us. For one, my parents (the two on the far left) abandoned me and traded my side for that of Liam's and his mother's while Papa Sheridan and I hung out together on the right. Secondly, I look like I've been eating dim sum for several consecutive days causing me to feel and appear like a gordita (spanish for as fat as a little partridge). 
Oh well, can't have it all right? I'm just glad the mummys look good...after all, it was their day.

Using the method of 'two birds one stone', here's also my Music Junkie Monday song that fits perfectly with how our Mama's day went! Enjoy and hope you all had a lovely day with your mamas as well.

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