Sunday, May 26, 2013

Graduation + Gradball 2013

It's official: I'm done with high school and am now off duty!
So what does that call for? Celebration of course!
Several days after exams finished, we had graduation and our prom where we wined and dined and enjoyed the freedom of no responsibilities!
After frantically running around Wan Chai looking for a cab to get to L's, I finally found one, put on my makeup, and slipped into my dress the minute I walked through the door.
Once my heart rate leveled, we took the stereotypical house pictures then jetted off to the gradball.
We were surrounded by our close friends and ate a lovely dinner of chicken and lamb.
But I must say, the best dishes served were our friends - everyone look so handsome in their tuxes and simply stunning in their gowns. It's always such a treat dressing up!
They boys tried to put their game faces on...
...but then again, so did we.
But bringing back the seriousness, what would gradball be without at least one selfie!?
It truly was a night to remember and one that will always leave me loving the fairytale lifestyle I've been so blessed to have.
Best wishes to all my fellow graduates!

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