Thursday, May 16, 2013

Birthday Shenanigans

If you're my friend on Facebook or follow me on Instagram, you'd have known that Tuesday was my best friend J's birthday.
Unfortunately, I am a social media addict. And no, that's not exactly an exaggeration. I've posted numerous photos on both those accounts (as well as on Vine) and I'm more than 100% sure that I pissed more than one person off...but hey, it's only your friend's birthday once a year; go big or go home!
The birthday babe
Our glorious spread of whatever we could find in J's refrigerator which consisted of grapes, smoked salmon, pita bread, onion and chives cheese spread, several bottles of champagne, and (of course not one, but) two birthday cakes.

For lack of strawberries, L got crafty and added two grapes to each glass of champagne. Need less to say, they didn't taste anywhere near as good as strawberries (hahah it was worth a shot though!).
As I mentioned, we couldn't have just one cake...
...but two!
The first cake was made by J's helper which resembled the consistency and moistness of a poundcake covered in cream cheese pink and white frosting.
But the lovin' didn't stop there. L made the most delicious strawberry chocolate cake I have ever eaten. It was deliciousness stacked on deliciousness; two layers of chocolate cake sandwiched a layer of chocolate frosting and strawberries and rimmed with Kit Kat bars and topped with more fresh strawberries. The minute we all took a bit, we died and went to chocolate lover's heaven (this too is no exaggeration).
And of course no birthday celebration would be complete without a 'Happy Birthday' video. If you follow me on Vine, you'd have seen it already but if not, go ahead and give it a lil' play! Unfortunately, the video was so short I had to cut L's 'happy birthday' wish off hahah but it just captured our crazy nature that much more than if she were able to finish her sentence.
It wasn't until several bottles of champagne were finished that S, D, and L showed up to carry out the rest of the birthday celebrations and we forgot to get a group photo! But they're appearance in this post is in spirit.
All in all, it was a birthday celebration to remember!
With love from JLS xxx

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