Friday, June 7, 2013

A Chuck Taylor Kind of Food Fairytale

OK it's official. I want to do something with food in the future. 
Whether it be cooking alongside a brilliant mastermind chef in a NYC kitchen, in front of a megalens camera in Italy cooking up a version of pesto pasta passed down from mamma on a TV show, or by catering food for parties all across Hong Kong.
Well, the future isn't so far away because the last one is exactly what I've been up to!
Yesterday, Shamrock catered an event for Converse's sneak peak event of their new Fall/Winter collection (so in order to not spoil the surprise, the shoe pictures will stay hidden in the depths of my iPhoto library). However, I will show you the food that was served to eager guests.
Equipped with mini all 'Merican burgers and 'newspaper wrapped' sweet potato fries, the guests were sure to indulge in the blissful world of American cuisine to celebrate the uniquely American brand of Converse.

But no celebration would be complete without popcorn! So light and airy yet delectably drizzled with chocolate and caramel to suit the sweet tooth (or teeth in my case).
 But did I mention the sweet potato fries?
Because let's be real for a second, ain't no kinda fries like sweet potato fries! Especially when there are stacks..
...on stacks...
of sweet potato fries. 
Need less to say, they were mouthwateringly good and I will most certainly be giving the recipe a shot in my kitchen at home! 

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