Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Release the Dragon from Within

Tradition came out to play today in Hong Kong with its annual dragonboat racing festival.
Tons of people, local and expat, gathered round on junk boats and bobbed around to watch the dragonboats race.
And while it doesn't seem like it at first, the weather was absolutely perfect. Not hot, not cold, little breeze and no sun. Combing them makes for excellent racing conditions where no one gets (too) burned and everyone can hang out on the decks and soak up the excitement (rather than burning sunbeams).
But of course, no celebration would be a celebration without a little nash!
A little fact that slipped was exactly why I was on a junk at the races...I was working!
But hey, I wasn't complaining. I got a free pass onto a junk with a great view of the races, great company, and great food to enjoy (once everyone was done eating of course ;) ).
 Thai sweet chili sauce spring rolls anyone? Erm, yes please.
 Not your kind of dish? Well, how'd you fancy a few mini quiches then? Oh yes, I thought you would.
Just look how scrumptious they look! And let me assure you, they were simply irresistible.
As you can see in Exhibit A below...
they were quite the hit!
Once the racers' bellies will filled to the brim, we cracked out the desserts. A lovely display of fresh fruits, cookies, brownies, and mini blueberry cheesecakes.
 Delivering pure joy to your doorstep...or boatstep! I'm thinking new company motto, hmm..
After work was done and the aprons came off, mamma Shugs and I took a stroll along Stanley beach.
 Where we enjoyed being crammed in like sardines in a humid tin!
But hey, even though the day was long, the fun never stopped and we enjoyed ourselves the entire time. Looking forward to competing in the races in a year to come!

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