Monday, November 26, 2012

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Day Two

After an eventful first day in Chaing Mai, the whole family decided to kick it up a noch by going on an all day tour.
First stop was river rafting on traditional bamboo rafts.

Yeah, we're pretty cute ;)

Once at the bottom, we got off and were hustled over to our next mode of transport - ox-carts.

After getting off and getting lunch, we then ventured back to the Maetaman Elephan Camp to ride elephants.


Elephants are hands down my favorite animal so this opportunity was one I've been dreaming of since I got my first stuffed animal elephant! But we couldn't stay on forever, so we were then shuttled off to Tiger Kingdom where I was able to play with baby tigers with L.
On our way back, we stopped by a local village of the Long Neck and Big Ear tribes.
Truly a magical day!

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