Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Day One

At last, I have found time to write about the amazing experiences I had in Thailand! It felt like we did it all - zip lining, ox-cart and elephant riding, river rafting and playing with baby tigers. This trip really packed in the heat in terms of crossing off bucket list items.

Apart from the adventures, the food and people were the most enjoyable things about CM. Everyone was incredibly hospitable and unbelievably friendly! Can't find the bathroom? A Thai acquaintance is more than welcome to point you in the right direction. Want another serving of AUTHENTIC pad thai? Say no more - another one is on its way. I'm glad I don't live there though, otherwise I'd be spoiled rotten (not to mention as plump as a partridge)!

Below are some photos of Horizon Village, the hotel we stayed at, which captures only a bit of its beauty.


Not only was the hotel magnificent to look at, but there were so many entertaining activities to engage in as well. Fish feeding, for example, proved to be not only therapeutic, but a laugh for my whole family to enjoy. We found out that my dad and I like to see the fish work for the food by only giving them little bits at a time, while my mom likes to see them all swarm one over one another by dumping the whole bag into the water.
But tranquility and serenity can only be tranquil and serene for so long. So, pappa Sugs and I went out of the box and went zip lining (a Bucket List item of mine)!*
*My dad has a horrible fear of heights so this was HUGE for him too!
No smoking, durhan, dogs, farting, and drugs on the bus.
A gibbon monkey just hangin' out.
Pure joy...well, with a pinch of adrenaline.

After our treetop adventure, we headed over to a local restaurant with some new friends for a traditional Thai lunch.

And once our bellies were full to the brim, we headed out once again - this time to check out a waterfall that we zipped over early in the day.

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