Friday, November 1, 2013


What you do know about the Sugarwoman: she loves music more than a fat kid loves cake.
What you may not know about the Sugarwoman: Halloween is her favorite holiday to be crazy/scary/creative/sugarloaded

So what event would make this Sugarwoman sing with joy? Well, none other than seeing Steve Aoki on Halloween.

And that's exactly what the Sugarwoman did.

After pinteresting, tumbling, googling, and rummaging through my wardrobe for the past week, I decided on some fox ears and tail along with shot glass necklaces and other 'party' screaming accessories to become the Party Animal. And once I was all painted, glittered and ready to go, I met up with my fellow Halloween & Aoki enthusiasts to head out to The House of Blues.

After a dilhema with international IDs and having to jump in a cab to get our passports, we finally got inside and settled into the pulsing mob.

 Where we were joined by Wakka Flakka in - no other way to describe it but - a twerk competition.

 After we twerked to our hearts' content, we spent the next 2 and a half hours enjoying the other opener BUT THEN the real show started.

But of course no concert would be complete without giant robots...

 ...and a trip through the fog wormhole..
 ...and a touch or two from Aoki...

 ...and getting caked!

Completely enthralled in his music and with the fact that we were absolutely drenched in sweets, sweat, and tears of joys, the night went on on the floor and on the shoulder's of friends.

But then all of my concert dreams came true.
Steve Aoki looked at me right in the eyes and called me up on stage.
You read that right..the most incredible unbelievable jaw-dropping thing happened to me and I was almost too in shock to believe what the hell was going on. There I was screaming my lungs out and then the next thing I know I'm dancing onstage. There's no other way to describe it but out of this world magical.
Am I overreacting?
 I think not.

It goes without saying that this was hands down not only the best Halloween of my life, but one of the best nights in general.

I still find it unreal that just when you feel everything in going wrong, it all changes for the better. I walked through the doors with no expectations whatsoever and then all of a sudden, everything I have ever wished for in a concert became reality.

Sounds silly to apply this one night's experience to life on the grand scale but I can't express this enough: if you never have expectations, you will always be happily surprised.
So whatever event is coming up, have it be the weekend's Halloween celebrations or lunch with a blind date, go into it expecting nothing and come out with everything.

Have a wonderful rest of your holiday weekends! x

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  1. Well there is certainly nothing scarier than a TWERKING competition for Halloween LOL