Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mike's (Heavenly) Pastry & The Undie Run

With midterms breathing down the back of my neck, I haven't been able to keep up with very well on the blog! So I thought I'd swoop in for a minute and give you a quick run-down on what's been up these past few weeks.
1. Mike's Pastry
The renowned North End may be known for its saucy pasta, men and crowds, but what makes the North End renowned to me (as well as many others) is Mike's.
It's squished between shops on the main road and is the epicenter for it holds one of Italy's greatest gifts to mankind - the cannoli. 

But of course such a gift wouldn't go without a long line to receive it...

 But once you're in, you're in. And it's without a doubt something to get excited about.

 Case and point.

 After ordering our devilish goodies we bunkered down and dove in.
Hands down one of the best cannolies I've had in a while. 
On the other hand, many true Italians say they've had better in Italy so I guess I'll be making a trip soon to make sure they're not pulling my leg!
2. The Undie Run
So after eating gosh knows how many calories over at Mike's, the Undie Run was an opportunity of redemption.
It is the epitome of college and rebelliousness and was one hell of a time. 
Students across campus stripped and ran around campus and all the way to the Pru, through the reflection pool and back in conditions bound to cause chapped lips and cheeks. 
 But like hell that stopped us.
Overall these two paridoxal events were highlights of one of the past weekends and prime examples of college life here in Boston.

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