Monday, March 11, 2013

Music Junkie Monday

Besides elation and depression, no other emotion affects me as much as nostalgia.
Especially since I'm starting to close a big chapter of my life and begin writing a new one, nostalgia has been a frequent visitor. 

In celebration of old life / new life, here's my husband's, Brandon Flower, 'Only the Young'. Not to mention I was obsessed with him in The Killers let alone after he branched out and did his own thing - so I hope his voice coaxes your moments of nostalgia too. 

Panache 2O13

And there goes another amazing weekend.
It's so bitter sweet being a senior in high school. You so badly want time to pass so you can graduate, go on the senior trip, and head off to uni. But on the other hand, you want time to go by like slow motion - you want to suck the life out of all the little (and big) events that happen during the year. 
For us Hong Kong kids, those events are usually the HK Rugby 7s, New Years Eve, and (for myself and other people with similar interest) school fashion shows.
Last year I was in 3 different shows and enjoyed every one of them! But one always stood out from the rest...
Photo from Localiz Hong Kong

Being surrounded by my best friends and beautiful clothes really never gets old.
 Not to forget playing with seemingly endless supply of make up!
 Even the boys were looking lovely all made up..
Compared to other shows, Panache reins king because it's so much FUN. The mood is light hearted and everyone is there to enjoy themselves (besides the organizers and staff who work their butts off!). This is a huge selling point for me when I do shows because after all, girls just want to have fun!
 And fun is exactly what we had.
But as show time came closer and closer, the air became electrified with nerves and butterflies. But thankfully, that didn't stop any of us from giggling and being photo junkies.
Photo from Localiz Hong Kong
 Then it was show time!

Unfortunately, photographers are especially picky about how their photos look so this is the only runway shot I've seen (thank you Instagram). I'll be sure to put up more as they come along so stay tuned!

Out of my 8 lines, the saree line was hands down my favorite. Especially having recently gone to India, my inner Indian princess came out to play along side my partner in crime, M.
I couldn't be more gutted that my last fashion show came and went so quickly but every moment was savored and lived to the fullest so I have no regrets. Thank you again Panache team if you're reading this, you are super humans for pulling off yet another spectacular show! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Music Junkie Monday

This weekend has been unreal.
In all honesty, it took me completely by surprise! I could have never imagined having so many wonderful moments with so many wonderful people.
So to celebrate living in bliss, here's "I'm God" by Clams Casino. It's always been tucked away in my music library and remains to be a favorite. Enjoy!

A Bookworm's Dilemma

My perfect rainy day scenario would be: sitting on my windowsill underneath my string lights sipping on a cup of milk tea reading a heafty novel....with some classical music playing in the background....and cookies.
This ugly weather has made me dream of this situation for a week now and I've realized it was time to turn it into reality. But my dihlema also became clear - which book should I pick?
I'm pretty sure I have a library of books at home (a handful of which I haven't read), but I just can't help myself from wanting to go and spend an afternoon in a bookstore and walk away with a new book!

I'm thinking about finishing off The Book Thief but I would love a few suggestions. So  by all means fire away!

Samantha xx