Saturday, December 1, 2012

Clockenflap 2012

Once a year, all of the Hong Kong hipsters get together to celebrate all things good in the world: food, booze, and amazing music. Clockenflap, a weekend music festival, allows even the most sheltered individuals to come out to experience and enjoy amazing bands. We're talking artists like Primal Scream, Azealia Banks and more.

Starting the morning off early, we headed over to the Kowloon Cultural District for some bass-blasting, chest vibrating, ear-to-ear smiling songs from some of our favorite artists.
As you can tell, we were the few true music junkies there that early in the morning - but oh so worth it! Hungry Ghosts is for sure a new favorite band.
Besides the wide open space, the Kowloon Cultural Center is such a perfect setting for a music festival like this. We danced and shimmied our way along the waterfront, drinks and cameras in hand, and were able to see the day evolve with the magnificent Hong Kong skyline as a backdrop. What more could a hipster ask for?