Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Brunch (noun/verb): A weekend activity or meal that commences anywhere between 10:30am and 2pm. Tis a time where hungover folk unite from around the city and attempt to regain a grip on their lives via overconsumption of eggs, toast, hollandaise sauce, bloody marys and mimosas.

Having that been the case last Saturday, Adam and I decided to venture into Brooklyn and scope out notorious breakfast/brunch place, "egg".

Nestled deep in Williamsburg, this southern style breakfast/brunch/lunch restaurant perfectly captures Brooklyn's quirky vibe while staying genuine to southern cuisine with their hearty grits and biscuits. Egg brings a twist to the table by incorporating fresh, simple, and wholesome flavors into their dishes.

My stomach steered me towards their chorizo & poached eggs topped with jalapeƱos and was generously accompanied by toast and a biscuit. Adam went straight for the gains with poached eggs, bacon, toast and a hash brown mound.

The biscuit was crumbly enough to be authentic but solid enough to hold the weight of their homemade fig marmalade. A bite of sweet to follow a bite of spicy from a forkful of chorizo, ketchup and egg topped with a jalapeƱo sliver perfectly subdued my hanger and left me content and rejuvenated (more or less). Adam, equally content with his lean but plentiful smoked bacon, haystack hash brown and perfectly poached eggs reclined back in his seat and finished the meal off with a satisfied arms-over-head stretch.
There was quite a line to get in, but it goes by fast given everyone has some place to go and some people to see in the city so don't let it discourage you when you go!

The restaurant had a perfectly simple design in terms of decor and dish execution & presentation. A humble little nook for a hearty and healing meal all at a great price makes egg a great place to go with your broke college friends for some real simple & delicious cooking.

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