Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stormchasing Juno

BOSTON, MA: Monday afternoon students all around the Northeast rejoiced in a harmonious *ding* of an email with the subject "CLASSES CANCELLED DUE TO JUNO BLIZZARD".

And then the frenzy - Snapchat & shopping - began.
CVS - Wiped clean of EasyMac and Ramen, but fully stocked on substitutes.....
3:38PM - Some more interesting than others...
With every pocket, nook and cranny was stuffed with apocalyptic goods (i.e. Reeses Puffs, Cheetos & "ginger" beer) I waddled home to celebrate with the mates.

10:32AM - DAY OF THE STORM: We woke up this morning in a bliss of zero immediate responsibilities. The only thing beckoning for our attention was the deserted town, washed in white, begging for us to go and jump.

That spot was not that deep...
Aftermath: writhing in pain.
11:03AM: After getting to grips with the terrain, we ran back inside, tightened our boots, grabbed the GoPro & ventured on.

Long story short, my pants are only so thick and I can only take so much snow in between my toes. So after an hour of frolicking we called it a day...until later anyway. Can't keep a kid at heart down for long!

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