Monday, March 24, 2014

Feeling at Home at the Red Lantern

Thank goodness for broke foodaholics (like the girls and I) who demand two weeks where over 200 posh restaurants offer discounted suppers and lunches. Knowing that our people have done us a favor, we made a reservation at Asian infusion restaurant Red Lantern and hit the town for the night.

We were greeted by Buddhist statues and thrown into a time warp back to ancient China.

As the name suggests, the grand room was decorated with gorgeous red lanterns creating an ornamental glow in the room. We sat down to the song of one another "ooo"-ing and "ahhhh"-ing and immediately grabbed the menus to decide what to order.

 For appetizers, Sarah and Christine settled for the Crab Wontons in a lemongrass broth with watercress.

Sophia went for the Modern California Roll in which the crab, instead of normally rolled up inside, was stacked on top of the rolls and garnished with greens.
 While I, on the other hand, got brown rice House Spicy Salmon Rolls to which nearly knocked me out of my chair*.
 *No exaggeration.
The brown rice was perfectly glutenous and the sauce simply decidant...but the real show stopper was the salmon.
I had some of the world's best sushi in Japan and knew that I would never eat such exquisite sushi anywhere else.
Little did I know that I would find some equally as tender and all the more urban version of my favorite salmon rolls like the ones I had in Tokyo in my hometown of Boston.
Perfectly content with ending the meal right there, we sat and basked in our food delight until our entrees came.
I went for the house special Singapore Street Noodles (a huge portion of angel hair thin noodles with pork, shrimp and scallops).

 While Sarah went for the incredibly rich China Town Style Prime Rib (the best "bang for your buck" option on the dine out menu).
And Soph and Christine went for the Miso Glazed Salmon which was accompanied by roasted Japanese eggplant,  grilled bok choy and sake & soy.

Ending up sharing the dishes family style (except for the salmon dishes which were perfect for one person), we doggie bagged the remainder of my massive noodle dish and moved on to the last course.

We chose both the Coconut Sorbets topped with fresh tropical fruits and spiced macadamia nuts
And the apple rangoons drizzled with butterscotch sauce, cinnamon sugar and set atop a little river of butterscotch pudding.
Our check arrived along with four red velvet fortune cookies and a restaurant review sheet to which we absolutely raved about the food, ambiance, and incredible service!

I highly recommend checking out all that Restaurant Week has to offer and if you're torn as to where to go, Red Lantern comes highly highly recommended! The meal totaled to $33 and was worth every penny. This week is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself, your friends and/or your family to a great dinner for a fraction of the price. Go ahead, you know you want to.

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