Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hong Kong Rugby 7s 2013

Before we embark on our journey, let's do a quick mental exercise. Close your eyes (after reading this) and imagine yourself walking down the street. You're looking down at your feet which are covered by your hipster costume comprising of knee high socks and black high top Converse sneakers and you look up.
You're happily greeted by an enormous split-egg-shaped stadium the size of several football pitches filled with gweilos (white people (consisting of many different races)) who're half drunk and decked head to toe in outrageous costumes.
You look to both sides and are pleased by the sight of your nearest and dearest friends walking alongside you wearing equally as ridiculous sexy/crazy attire and approach the Stadium of Doom with your little hipster heart glowing of excitement and anticipation. You dart through the entrance gates to await the future of your next few days - booze, attractive men, rugby, drunkards, more attractive men, food, and all of your friends (new and old) - which are the 7s.
Everywhere you go you see people you know but in disguise. I found my good friend B here looking like a prisoner who travelled all the way from Mexico to come watch the games!
 ...and my racetrack friends to help steer the way to our seats.

 The other members of the gypsy caravan - my best girls Lotte (left) and Julia (right).

Besides bringing out my inner gypsy for the day, I couldn't help but feel my inner pirate wanted to come out to play as well.
But right before I started making people walk the plank, my dear fireman friend Tom came and saved me (and the rest of my prisoners) from my treasure-seeking torture. 
After all tom-foolery was aside, we made our way to the South Stand.
*Please note that the South Stand is where the heart of the 7s is located. It's pounding can be heard all the way across the stadium and its vibrant colors can be seen from miles away. It is the most notorious stand out of the 4 and with that being said takes usually 5 hours in line to get into. 
But we weren't just any 7s goers, we were gypsies with magical capabilities (and high IQs). So instead of waiting in line from 7am till 12, we jingled around the West stands and corridors until 12/1/2pm and then got in line for the SS....which ended up taking only 20 minutes to reach the front.

But 20 minutes can seem like a lifetime so we made friends along the way - the Celtics team I bumped into were a favorite ;)

 Lo and behold we were inside and ready to lose our voices and our heads to the sound of cheering fans and Pimms.  

As the end neared, we all huddled together in sports fan cheer and whooped and hollared for our favorite team to win the final match. Once the game was over, we piled into a cab and headed off for some after hours fun in Central!
All in all, it was a 7s I will never forget. It's always fun to meet new people and try new things, but the one thing I loved most this year was being with my nearest and dearest friends. We made new memories, new inside jokes, and created a bond with each other that will always have a special place in my heart. I love you HK and all of your craziness (and the crazy people you allow to call you a home...including myself...;) )

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