Sunday, October 14, 2012

Instagram of the (past few) Week(s)

Despite the dry spell on this blog, my Instagram has been going stronger than ever! Here are some of the highlights from the last few months-

Nothing like starting the morning with a bit of fashion and a cappuccino. 
Because an amazing hamburger deserves two hands. Step aside fork, knife, and femininity. 
Hiking day with the pops.
HK makes my heart all warm and fuzzy (I found this little gem on the's gas for the stores on the block!)

Completing the 4,000 word  extended essay in Philosophy (I had to cut down (a lot)) made me feel so empowered I cannot even begin to explain it.
Salad: making women feel good about themselves since Kate Moss.
J & I
Shahana and I deucin' it up in TST.
HK Waterfront
Some "groovie" street art.
E & I at the ITS Fashion Show
Fellow models at the ITS Fashion Show
...fellow models and I celebrating after a hectic night!
Lychee green tea? Yes please!
Sneak peak of my photoshoot with M
Remembering the good times I had with my dad in Boston over the summer.
Pimp and his fine automobile
End of one amazing summer in Cali

 -Sam x

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